[Haskell-cafe] list of range

PICCA Frederic-Emmanuel frederic-emmanuel.picca at synchrotron-soleil.fr
Mon Oct 4 16:10:42 UTC 2021

> Is it necessary to preserve the structure of separate ranges or would it
> be ok to just store [Int] or Set Int?

I think that it is efficient to keep the structure, but since haskell is lazy, I am wondering, if the best solution
would not be to create the Set of Int. (An Ordered Set).

the next step of the process, is for each index, to open a file corresponding to the index.
In this file there is a bunch of images. At the end we have a Set associated to a number of images.
This is the stream of images I have to treat.

I split this into chunck and process each of them in parallel via a mapConcurrently.

I do not know if this help...



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