[Haskell-cafe] Cabal or stack in 2021 ?

Keith keith.wygant at gmail.com
Fri Oct 1 11:53:07 UTC 2021

Stack is broken in WSL1, but I can use an older cabal just fine. So now I work on the same projects with stack on my linux laptop and cabal on my Windows desktop.
-- Keith
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On 18 September 2021 18:52:24 UTC, Alexis Praga <alexis.praga at gmail.com> wrote:
>As an intermediate beginner, I've been back into Haskell for the last
>months for a small project, using stack as the building tool.
>Why stack ? A few years back, I learned that it was the "best" way to build
>projects to avoid "cabal hell", which I understood at the time as
>"managing dependencies with cabal is hard".
>As such, I've use stack since and have been quite happy with it. The
>only drawback is that building a project can be quite long.
>This is usually not a problem, except for writing Haskell scripts using
>shelly (for example), where the stack layout is a bit impractical for
>fast-paced development. A solution is to use `runghc` or a script
>interpreter [1].
>However, I've seen some projects where cabal is used to build directly
>instead of cabal, so it looks like the situation improved.
>My question is this: in 2021, is there a reason to switch back to cabal ?
>[1] https://www.fpcomplete.com/haskell/tutorial/stack-script/
>   Alexis Praga
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