[Haskell-cafe] code in postings mangled?

Olaf Klinke olf at aatal-apotheke.de
Thu Nov 18 16:49:40 UTC 2021

> Why is code in postings so often mangled:

Seems it is only the linebreaks. Some programs on Windows, including
TextEdit and likely your mail client, don't consider a newline '\n'
character to be a line break, since Windows terminates lines by "\r\n".
Then OS X has '\r' line terminators, which again might not be
considered a linebreak on some systems. 
I remember all kinds of stupid things arising from this, including
version control systems flagging every line as changed when it was only
the line breaks.  
I read this list as digest, so I can not verify using the particular
raw email you quoted. Can someone else check this? 


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