[Haskell-cafe] TOP is hiring Functional Programmers for developing multi-user web applications

rinus plasmeijer rinus at top-software.nl
Wed Nov 3 13:55:00 UTC 2021

Dear Haskell Fans,

TOP Software Technology (top-software.com  <http://top-software.com>) is a recently founded (2018)
spin-off company located in the Netherlands, building on decades of
research on Functional Programming at the Radboud University of Nijmegen
(clean.cs.ru.nl  <http://clean.cs.ru.nl>).

By using advanced Functional Programming techniques and tools, we
develop collaborative, distributed, multi-user / multi-system /
multi-platform, web-oriented software applications for industry.

We focus on Command and Control type of applications such as VIIA
<https://top-software.nl/VIIA.html>  <https://top-software.nl/VIIA.html>  where real-time
information is used for monitoring vessels.

We use Clean, a Haskell like pure and lazy functional language,
and the iTask system offering Task Oriented Programming (TOP),
a special flavour of Functional Programming to construct reliable
software applications for our customers at a high-level of abstraction
on an Agile manner.

We are looking for Experienced Functional Programmers to join our team.

See the attached pdf.

More information on what we do can be found ontop-software.com  <http://top-software.com>.

Mail torinus at top-software.com  <mailto:rinus at top-software.com>  orrinus at cs.ru.nl  <mailto:rinus at cs.ru.nl>  if you are interested.


Rinus Plasmeijer

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