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Hi Richard - one thread of the history of work is in the “strategic programming” work of Stratego (untyped) and Strafunski (implemented in Haskell) by Eelco Visser and Ralf Lämmel (resp.).




We explicitly used this approach in our first implementation of Wrangler (with Strafunski), and continue in other work to take this approach. For example “stop_top_down” is used heavily.



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I have a question about generic traversal/transformation of nested data structures. From what I understand the main options available are SYB, Uniplate, GHC.Generics and Data.Lens (although I am under the impression this requires record types). The data structure I am attempting to traverse is similar to this simplified version:

data SExpr = Expr | Const
data Const = B bool | I int
data Expr  = Lambda String SExpr | If Expr ...

I have attempted to use Uniplate and GHC.Generics to traverse the built AST and modify for example, the string of a Lambda type, but have not been able to figure out how to get any of the libraries to typecheck. The examples or docs I found were not quite enough. Does anyone know of examples that might help or explain how I should be using the generic libraries?
In addition if I moved to writing the AST with GADTs, do some generic traversal strategies/libraries stop working?

Many thanks,

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