[Haskell-cafe] Safe Haskell?

Carter Schonwald carter.schonwald at gmail.com
Tue May 4 12:10:54 UTC 2021

Default safety isn’t quite what you want in normal packages, because that
disables all user land rewrite rules! It may have other implications too,
but short of augmenting ghc with a proof system for correctness of rewrite
rules, default safehaskell is at odds with optimized builds.

On Mon, May 3, 2021 at 10:28 AM Richard Eisenberg <rae at richarde.dev> wrote:

> On May 3, 2021, at 7:40 AM, Tom Smeding <x at tomsmeding.com> wrote:
> But perhaps I'm being ignorant of other existing cases where this
> already matters, and I've been living in an idealised world until now.
> Sad to say it, but order does matter here.
> In the very simple case, if you have {-# LANGUAGE FlexibleContexts,
> NoFlexibleContexts #-}, that's different from {-# LANGUAGE
> NoFlexibleContexts, FlexibleContexts #-} -- later extensions override
> earlier ones. This problem becomes more confounding when we recognize that
> some extensions imply others. For example {-# LANGUAGE TypeFamilies,
> NoMonoLocalBinds #-} means something different from {-# LANGUAGE
> NoMonoLocalBinds, TypeFamilies #-} because TypeFamilies implies
> MonoLocalBinds. Perhaps even worse, {-# LANGUAGE CUSKs,
> StandaloneKindSignatures #-} differs from {-# LANGUAGE
> StandaloneKindSignatures, CUSKs #-} because StandaloneKindSignatures
> implies NoCUSKs.
> Returning to Safe Haskell:
> It's true that Safe cannot be overridden locally. This is implemented by
> the fact that NoSafe does not exist. To me, this design makes sense,
> because it means that compiling with `ghc -XSafe` is guaranteed to use Safe
> Haskell. So we would need something like a default-safety field in Cabal,
> that could be overridden locally.
> But, still, this may be easier than the status quo.
> Do we think this would work? Specifically:
> * Introduce a new flag -fdefault-safety={safe,trustworthy,unsafe} that
> changes the module-level default. This default names the safety level in
> effect for any module that declares none of Safe, Trustworthy, or Unsafe.
> * If -fdefault-safety is not specified at the command line, it is as if
> the user wrote -fdefault-safety=unsafe.
> And that's it.
> Consequence: Safe-inference would never take place, because every module
> would have a declared level of Safety. The Safe-inference code could thus
> be removed.
> Further work: Introduce default-safety in Cabal, but that's not really
> necessary to make the changes above.
> What do we think?
> Richard
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