[Haskell-cafe] Is anyone running regular virtual Haskell hacking events?

Chris Smith cdsmith at gmail.com
Wed Jun 23 04:06:22 UTC 2021

I'm thinking of ideas, and wondering if anyone's beat me to this one.

Before COVID-19, I organized a "co-hack" with the New York Haskell User
Group one Saturday per month, where people would get together and write or
discuss Haskell for several hours.  I always had a great time, but... then

Does something like this exist online?

If not, I was just looking at Zoom, and realized they have breakout rooms
where people can divide up and separately talk in groups.  I was thinking
of setting up an event something like this:

Start: 9am Pacific / 12pm Eastern / 4pm GMT / 6pm CET
- 15 minute intro and logistics
- 30 minute Small group intros.  Divide people up randomly into small
groups to introduce themselves and talk about their Haskell stories and
what they are working on.  About 4-5 people per group (because 2 people
feels too small, but too many people means shy people are afraid to speak
- 30 minute lightning talks and project pitches: Maybe 5 minutes / 3 slides
max, sign up in advance or jump in and do a talk impulsively
- 2.5 hours project time.  Use for working together on projects, pair
programming, teach and learn Haskell, etc.  Use Zoom breakout groups and
let people hop from room to room as desired.  Pre-create some rooms for
common activities (like "Beginner Questions", "Project Euler", etc.)
Create some generic rooms people can jump in as they like for short
collaborations.  Create persistent project-specific rooms on demand.
- 15 minute wrap-up.
Finish: 1pm Pacific / 4pm Eastern / 8pm GMT / 10pm CET

What does everyone think?  I don't see any reason this couldn't go really
well.  The Cohack in New York was really fun, and I'd like to give it a

Anyone else motivated to help run this?  If I can get at least one
co-facilitator, I'll jump in and make it happen.  I'll spring for the Zoom
account.  Probably use Meetup to take signups and manage scheduling, unless
someone has another preference.

Chris Smith
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