[Haskell-cafe] Need advise with using Quickcheck

Han Joosten han.joosten.han at gmail.com
Fri Jun 11 21:16:43 UTC 2021

Dear café,

I want to implement a roundtrip test for a parser/prettyprinter
combination. Let me try to explain what I am struggling with. I start with
some type definitions of functions I have

*data Guarded a =*

*      Errors (NE.NonEmpty CtxError)     | Checked a [Warning]*

*parseFoo :: Text -> Guarded Foo*
*prettyFoo :: Foo -> Text*

The idea is that for all foo :: Foo, the following holds:
    *parseFoo . prettyFoo $ foo*  should be equal to  *Checked foo []*

Now, if there is a counterexample, I would like to see prettyFoo foo as
output, folowed by the show of the Errors part.

I have been struggling to get this working, but without luck so far. I am
not very familiar with Quickcheck, so that could be the problem too.

Any help would be appreciated!

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