[Haskell-cafe] Take-over request for: blaze-textual

Andrey Prokopenko persiantiger at yandex.ru
Fri Aug 27 07:28:59 UTC 2021


- Few months ago I opened PR in `blaze-textual`: https://github.com/bos/blaze-textual/pull/14 <https://github.com/bos/blaze-textual/pull/14> 
- The package is either direct or transient dependency for `haskell-language-server`, `sqlite-simple` and few more packages.
- While forks maintenance is a well-known practice it creates burden on maintainers.

I would like to become a maintainer for `blaze-textual` package and keep it up-to-date at least for a next few years.

Please consider this message as a step 2 in take-over procedure: https://wiki.haskell.org/Taking_over_a_package <https://wiki.haskell.org/Taking_over_a_package> 

Best Regards,
Andrey Prokopenko

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