[Haskell-cafe] The State of GHC 8.10

Zubin Duggal zubin at well-typed.com
Sun Aug 22 09:31:00 UTC 2021

I should clarify. By "retiring" I mean that we will not backport any
more features or bug fixes to the 8.10 branch or put out new releases
once 8.10.7 is out. Of course, this will only be the case if nothing
critical comes up (for some definition of critical). We fully intend
to ensure that GHC 8.10(.7) is a stable and robust release, ready for
production use. This was the very purpose of my initial email, to ensure
that there are no hidden release breaking bugs lurking somewhere. As
of now, the only "critical" issue we know of in the 8.10.6 release is
#19950, which will be resolved in 8.10.7.

We encourage you to use GHC 8.10 as an end user or library developer,
the previous email is not in any way meant to imply that we are asking
you to migrate off of GHC 8.10.

The purpose was simply to make sure that any (release critical) issue
faced by users of GHC 8.10 is resolved in time for 8.10.7 so there is
no further need of additional releases in the 8.10 series.

On 21/08/22 11:00, Sven Panne wrote:
>Am So., 22. Aug. 2021 um 09:33 Uhr schrieb Travis Cardwell via Haskell-Cafe
><haskell-cafe at haskell.org>:
>> With talk of retiring the 8.10 branch, I think it might be worthwhile to
>> remind folks that GHC 8.10(.6) is still the most recent release that is
>> suitable for production use.  GHC 9.0.1 is *not* suitable for production
>> use due to major issues, and GHC 9.0.2 is not ready yet. [...]
>Exactly, The 8.10 series is the *only* one with full tool support at the
>moment, so retiring this seems to be a bit premature. The only recent LTS
>versions on Stackage are for 8.10, 9.0 is only available via nightly, and
>there is no 9.2 at all. The Haskell Language doesn't have support for 9.2,
>either.OK, there are only alphas for 9.2 up to now, nevertheless some
>alphas for the corresponding tools would be nice, too.
>I'm totally aware of the fact that there are different people working on
>the different tools/compilers/libraries, but this doesn't matter at all as
>an "end user". The Haskell ecosystem needs much more coordination to offer
>a smoother user experience. Other language ecosystems are *much* more
>comfortable to install and use.
>   S.

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