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Hi Christopher!

On my end, I make use of automated style formatters, so that this kind 
of thing can be kept consistent during CI. I invite you not to think too 
much about the micro-details of code styles, but rather find a tool that 
you can configure so that your style can be enforced automatically. 
You'll be able to spend more cycles on programme development.

I can give you an example of a recent library I wrote: 

Note that:

  * Type variables are made explicit, and as such I annotate even the
    simplest of them (with `:: Type`)
  * I align the separators (., => and ->)
  * I use stylish-haskell & hlint
  * If you want finer automated control, try something like Britanny.

Le 07/08/2021 à 21:18, Christopher Conforti a écrit :
> Hi List,
> I'm a relatively new Haskeller. I've gotten the syntax of the
> language more or less down, and I'm slowly expanding my vocabulary. I've
> found in other languages that my coding style and how my code is
> organized affect both the quality of my code and how easy it is to
> understand.
> 'Coding style' refers to how code is organized within a block. For
> example:
> ```
> foo bar baz bing = x + y * z
> ```
> versus:
> ```
> foo
>    bar
>    baz
>    bing
>    = x + y * z
> ```
> Code organization refers both to how code is organized within a
> source file (i.e., how code blocks are arranged, how they're grouped,
> so on) and how source files themselves are organized.
> I've got the first part down--I've developed a code style that I'm
> satisfied with, I've tried to fine-tune my style to make maximum
> effective use of available space (limiting myself to 72 columns, and a
> block size of no more than 30 lines) so as to force myself to extract
> and abtract away unnecessary details.
> The second part is the one I'm having trouble with. There are so many
> ways to organize one's code that I don't even know where to begin
> developing a method that I like other than to ask other Haskellers how
> they do it and why they like doing it that way.
> So there you have it: How do you organize your code, and why?
> Cheers!
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