[Haskell-cafe] lib for drawing with mouse

mechvel at scico.botik.ru mechvel at scico.botik.ru
Sun Mar 1 19:44:47 UTC 2020


does there exist a tool (library) in Haskell that supports doing the 
with graphics?

(1) To draw a curve by mouse on a screen and save this picture in a file
     (many different curves to be input this way).
(2) To save in  data.txt  the coordinates of the points of this curve,
     say, 800 pairs of numbers (floating point or rational ...).
(3) Reversely: to draw a curve on a screen by inputting from such  

The main is (1)&(2). Because currently I set a curve by putting many 
times the
'*' character and `space' to a text file, and this takes long.



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