[Haskell-cafe] Reminder: ZuriHac is happening (remotely) this weekend be great fun!

Jasper Van der Jeugt m at jaspervdj.be
Mon Jun 8 19:30:26 UTC 2020

Hi everybody!

This is a reminder that not only will ZuriHac be happening this year,
but because it will be remote, the number of attendees has virtually no
upper limit.

We're quite excited (and a little bit nervous) to see how a remote event
will play out.  We will for sure lose a little bit of the magic feeling
of hacking on projects together, however we hope that getting together
online will still be a great experience.

Another benefit is that people can join from all over the world, and
that the event will generate a lot fewer CO2 emissions this year, so we
can all feel good about ourselves!

A brief summary of what will be there

 -  Talks by Alexis King, Rob Rix, Gabriel Gonzalez, Philip Wadler and
    Simon Meier & Ognjen Marić will be live-streamed on our Youtube
    channel: <https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2zfPMH_srjxUN5EYrfIhCw>.

 -  Well-Typed will teach two advanced sessions, one about Datatype-Generic
    Programming and one about InfoSec and Haskell.

 -  Julie Moronuki will teach a beginner track.

 -  There is a GHC track with talks by Richard Eisenberg, Divesh Otwani,
    Facundo Dominguez and Nicolas Frisby.

 -  Of course, lots of Haskell hacking and socialing!

You can find all information & register on our website:


Warm regards
Jasper Van der Jeugt

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