[Haskell-cafe] ANN: hledger 1.18

Simon Michael simon at joyful.com
Sun Jun 7 20:16:31 UTC 2020

I'm pleased to announce hledger 1.18.

hledger is a robust, cross-platform, plain text accounting tool, with
command-line, terminal and web UIs. It is a modern and largely
compatible reimplementation of Ledger CLI with many improvements.
You can use it to track time, money, investments, cryptocurrencies,
inventory and more. See: 



Fixed JSON output;
market prices inferred from transactions;
more Ledger file compatibility;
more flexible journal entries from CSV;
misc. fixes and improvements.

See all changes at https://hledger.org/release-notes .
Thanks to release contributors Stephen Morgan, Dmitry Astapov, Henning
Thielemann, Andriy Mykhaylyk, Pavan Rikhi, and Vladimir Sorokin.


Many install methods are described at http://hledger.org/download. 
Here are three ways to build from source:

  stack update; stack install --resolver=lts hledger-lib-1.18 hledger-1.18 hledger-ui-1.18 hledger-web-1.18 --silent


  cabal v2-update; cabal v2-install hledger-1.18 hledger-web-1.18 hledger-ui-1.18


  curl -sO https://raw.githubusercontent.com/simonmichael/hledger/master/hledger-install/hledger-install.sh
  less hledger-install.sh
  bash hledger-install.sh

While building, peruse https://hledger.org/start

For help, see http://hledger.org#help-feedback
and join us on Freenode (#hledger, http://irc.hledger.org)
or via Matrix (#freenode_#hledger:matrix.org, http://riot.hledger.org).

New and old users, contributors, sponsors, and all feedback are most welcome!


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