[Haskell-cafe] Library maintainers: Include your library in CodeWorld web-based Haskell environment

Chris Smith cdsmith at gmail.com
Mon Jun 1 15:37:12 UTC 2020


I'm the maintainer of CodeWorld.  In addition to the K-12 education uses,
CodeWorld provides a web-based programming environment at
http://code.world/haskell to write short snippets of Haskell and share it
easily with others.  I am trying to ensure that as many interesting Haskell
libraries as possible are available on the platform.

If you are interested in ensuring that a library is included, whether
you're the maintainer or just am interested user, please take a look at the
package list at

Packages that fit here are:

1. No I/O, except for stdin/out/err.  Since CodeWorld runs code in a web
browser, there is no filesystem, for example.
2. Do not rely on native libraries, or have dependencies that do.  This all
depends on the library building with GHCJS.
3. Do not require use of Template Haskell by clients.  It's okay if your
package needs template Haskell to build, but people using your library via
CodeWorld cannot yet use TH themselves.

If you have a library you'd like to see included that's not in that list,
please let me know, either with just an email or with a pull request at the
GitHub link above.

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