[Haskell-cafe] [ANN] isbn - ISBN Validation and Manipulation

Christian Charukiewicz charukiewicz at protonmail.com
Wed Jul 29 17:38:16 UTC 2020

Hello Haskell Cafe,

I wanted to share my first ever Haskell package: isbn


The package is motivated by my need to validate ISBNs (the unique identifier associated with every book published since 1970) in a Haskell application I am building. I published isbn as a back in May but yesterday I made some improvements the API and I think it is now ready to share as v1.1.0.0.

I have been using Haskell commercially for a few years, and have made several contributions to various packages, but as mentioned, this is my first time authoring and publishing a package. If anyone has any feedback, I would be happy to hear it.

Thank you,

Christian Charukiewicz

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