[Haskell-cafe] Taking over double-conversion on Hackage

Rinat Stryungis lazybonesxp at gmail.com
Tue Jan 21 14:24:34 UTC 2020

Hi everyone,
The double-conversion package seems unmaintained. I'd like to take
over as maintainer.

I have actually forked the repository, added new functionality, tests,
and updated the original Google library:


I was advised to consider taking over the maintenance of
double-conversion. I tried to contact Bryan O'Sullivan (the
maintainer) a few times during the 2 years (!) using all available
communication methods (e-mail, LinkedIn). He answered only once and
asked me to send an e-mail. I did it but without any effect.

I would still prefer not to have this responsibility, but I would also
like people to be able to use the new functionality without creating
redundant forks.
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