[Haskell-cafe] ANN: optics-0.1

Adam Gundry adam at well-typed.com
Mon Sep 2 12:16:42 UTC 2019

We are delighted to announce the first Hackage release of optics, a
Haskell library for defining and using lenses, traversals, prisms and
more. For further information:


The optics library is broadly similar in functionality to the
well-established lens library, but uses an abstract interface rather
than exposing the underlying implementation of each optic kind. It aims
to be easier to understand than lens, with clearer interfaces, simpler
types and better error messages, while retaining as much functionality
as possible.

It is being developed by Andrzej Rybczak and Adam Gundry, with
significant contributions from Oleg Grenrus and Andres Löh, and much
copy-pasting of code and selective copying of ideas from lens.

Adam Gundry, Haskell Consultant
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