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Fumiaki Kinoshita fumiexcel at gmail.com
Wed Oct 30 05:25:12 UTC 2019

Thank you for clarifying the situation. I'm not sure if I understand the
reasoning behind the dependency either, but I'll see if I can help with

2019年10月30日(水) 12:11 Ben Gamari <ben at well-typed.com>:

> Fumiaki Kinoshita <fumiexcel at gmail.com> writes:
> > Any updates? It's a crisis that the standard library is unavailable on
> > Hackage...
> >
> I agree; having a release out for two months without full representation
> on Hackage is quite suboptimal. Unfortunately, the Hackage trustees have
> quite a bit on their plate. I have spoken to Herbert, who usually
> handles the boot library uploads, several times about this and I have
> gleaned that the situation is as follows:
>  * hackage-server needs to be updated to Cabal-3, tested, and the
>    deployment updated before the remaining boot packages can be uploaded
>    (admittedly I'm not familiar with the technical reasons for this
>    dependency, but this is what I have been told)
>    This is an area where a dedicated volunteer could help enormously.
>    hackage-server is just another Haskell program (albeit one lacking
>    contributors); all that updating it would require is time.
>  * Herbert has said that he also wants to take a careful look through
>    the packages before uploading them to ensure that no serious mistakes
>    are committed permanently to the Hackage cache
> For what it is worth, I have asked several times whether I can help with
> the upload process but have been turned down repeatedly. I can't
> claim that I fully understand the reasoning behind this, but I can
> nevertheless respect the decision.
> I also am reluctant to make demands on the time of others. In particular,
> the trustees are all volunteers with lives and jobs who carry out often
> quite thankless work. We all owe them an enormous debt of gratitude for
> maintaining the infrastructure that we rely on every day, usually
> without thinking twice.
> I wish I could offer a clever idea for accelerating this process; sadly,
> the problem seems to be an unfortunate combination of technical
> dependencies (e.g. the boot library upload requiring a hackage-server
> update), a lack of contributors to help resolve this dependency, and
> a small but very busy set of core contributors.
> It seems to me that it would be best if we could grow the set of people
> who are regularly involved in Hackage administration to avoid this
> happening in the future. However, this will require that people who
> don't mind doing a bit of less-than-thrilling work (e.g. updating
> hackage-server) pitch in.
> Cheers,
> - Ben
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