[Haskell-cafe] postgresql-pure released

岡本和樹 kazuki.okamoto at kakkun61.com
Thu Oct 24 06:00:12 UTC 2019


I published a library “postgresql-pure”, which is a PostgreSQL driver
written in pure Haskell, a few days ago.

This library is developed to aim:

- to increase the performance on multi CPU core environments
- to run on multi platform
  - to build it easier especially on Windows to remove the dependency
on libpq, which is made by C
  - there is postgres-wire which is a fast implementation but it
doesn't support Windows

I confirmed that:

- the performance was proportional to the number of cores
- the performance on 12 cores were 28% better than postgres-wire, 300%
better than postgresql-simple

Both test cases are simple constant value queries like “SELECT
2147483647 :: int4, …” to decrease server's load.

I'm writing a report about this development and I will send email again.

Please try this and feel free to report issues.

Kazuki Okamoto

Hackage: http://hackage.haskell.org/package/postgresql-pure
GitHub: https://github.com/iij-ii/postgresql-pure

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