[Haskell-cafe] [ANNOUNCE] GHC 8.8.1 is now available

Ben Gamari ben at well-typed.com
Fri Oct 4 03:30:14 UTC 2019

On October 3, 2019 11:23:26 PM EDT, David Feuer <david.feuer at gmail.com> wrote:
>Any news?
>On Tue, Sep 24, 2019, 5:22 PM Ben Gamari <ben at well-typed.com> wrote:
>> Dan Burton <danburton.email at gmail.com> writes:
>> > Will base- (which ships with ghc 8.8) be uploaded to
>> >
>> Yes, although it's currently waiting for someone with maintainer
>> for `base`, et al to push them. I have requested access myself
>> haven't yet heard back.
The issue (#17246) is still blocked on others. One issue is that uploading the 8.8 boot packages first requires that hackage.haskell.org to be upgraded and no Hackage admin has had time to do this yet. 


 - Ben
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