[Haskell-cafe] monoid fold concurrently

PICCA Frederic-Emmanuel frederic-emmanuel.picca at synchrotron-soleil.fr
Fri Nov 15 20:20:44 UTC 2019

> Is the list is guaranteed non-empty?  Do you want to enforce that at the type
> level (compile time), or "fail" at runtime when it is?

> You should probably be a bit more explicit about what you mean by
> "concurrently".  Do you know in advance that the list length is sufficiently
> short to make it reasonably to immediately fork an async thread for each?

> Also, do you want the outputs to folded in list order, or in any order (e.g.
> roughly in order of IO action completion)?

The real probleme, is:

I have a bunch of hdf5 files which contain a stack of image and other metadata's.
for each image an associated metadatas, I can create a cube (3D array), whcih is the binning  in the 3D space

for each image of the stack

read image + metadata -> transformation in 3D space -> binning.


binning -> binning -> binning (this is the monoid), since this is pure computation, I can use unsafe IO to create the merge function.

In my case, I want to distribute all this on all my core.

each core can do in which ever order a merge of the binning until I have only one binning.

[a1, a2, a3,  a4]

core1: a1 + a2 -> a12
core2: a3 + a4 -> a34


first core available, a12 + a34 -> a1234

Is it clearer ?


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