[Haskell-cafe] job opportunity at Luna

Sylwia Brodacka sylwia.brodacka at luna-lang.org
Thu May 23 11:40:45 UTC 2019

Luna (http://luna-lang.org) is an award-winning data-science platform and a
general-purpose functional programming language, selected by NASA and
Singularity University as 1 of the 20 most impressive technologies
worldwide. It spans the entire stack, from high-level visualisation and
communication, to the nitty-gritty of running backend services in a single
language. With inbuilt capabilities for visualisation and a dual-syntax
architecture, the possibilities are limitless.

We are looking for talented and extraordinary people with strong technical
skills and a passion for functional programming. Since majority of Luna
codebase is written in Haskell we have available positions for senior
Haskell developers for a variety of roles, including Compiler Engineer,
DevOps Engineer, GUI Architect, and Cloud Software Engineer.

If you want to learn more about possibilities please check out detailed job

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