[Haskell-cafe] zstd package. Proposal to take over maintenance

Luis Pedro Coelho luis at luispedro.org
Mon May 20 02:49:53 UTC 2019

Hi everyone,

The zstd package contains important bugs (it produces malformed output in some cases) and seems unmaintained. I would like to take over maintenance of it.

I have actually forked the package and fixed the bugs, releasing it as hs-zstd:


I was advised to consider taking over maintenance of zstd as an earlier attempt to contact the maintainers of zstd was not answered. I would still prefer not to have this responsibility, but I would also like to use zstd in my work.


The zstd issues are not obvious because 99% of the time it works well, so we actually used it in a release of ngless, but after 3 days in the wild, we had to release a "bugfix". This is because most code paths work well, but there is one which produces a broken file.



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