[Haskell-cafe] Metaprogramming Summer School (August 2019): call for applications

Jeremy Yallop yallop at gmail.com
Wed May 15 13:14:58 UTC 2019

Second International Summer School on Metaprogramming

Schloss Dagstuhl, Leibniz Center for Informatics, Germany

11th-16th August 2019
(the week before ICFP'19)


Metaprogramming is an approach to constructing programs by treating
program fragments (such as expressions or types) as values that the
program can manipulate. Metaprogramming comes in various forms ---
for example,

* in dependently-typed programming terms appear within types,
  supporting the construction of precise specifications of functions and

* in multi-stage programming expressions are program values, making it
  possible to write safe program generation programs that can
  significantly improve performance.

* in languages with macros programs execute partly during compilation
  and partly at run-time, eliminating the sharp distinction between
  built-in and user-defined constructs.

* embedded domain-specific languages reuse host language
  features such as syntax and type-checking for convenient definition
  of little languages suited to a particular endeavour.

Metaprogramming has many applications, including genericity, proof
automation, language extensibility and user-defined optimization.

The goal of the summer school is to explore the state-of-the art in
metaprogramming and its applications, covering both theory and

Lecturers and courses

Oleg Kiselyov (Tohoku University)
  From the tagless-final cookbook:
     simple hardware description language and optimization-by-evaluation

Matthew Flatt (University of Utah)
  Building Languages with Racket

Conor McBride (University of Strathclyde)

Jonathan Protzenko (Microsoft Research Redmond)
  Meta-F*: efficient meta-programming of the F* compiler at every stage


The school is aimed at graduate students in programming languages and
related areas, but is open to researchers, practitioners and strong
masters students with the support of a supervisor. Some experience of
typed functional programming in Haskell, OCaml, Scala, or a similar
language will be assumed.


Thanks to the Schloss Dagstuhl subsidies, accommodation costs are as
follows, and the dates are immediately before ICFP'19 (also in

Single-occupancy accommodation: €420
Double-occupancy accommodation: €330

Accommodation costs include full board (in a single- or
double-occupancy room, including meals during stay)
from Sunday 11 August (evening) to Friday 16 August (afternoon).

Application procedure

You will need to complete the online registration form at:


and ensure your referees send your references to:

  metaprog-2019 at cl.cam.ac.uk

by the application deadline.


* 30 June: Application and reference letters deadline.

* 10 July: Notification of acceptance.

* 11 August: Summer school.

Further information

For any questions relating to the school, please contact the
organisers (Jeremy Yallop, Ohad Kammar, Yukiyoshi Kameyama) at
metaprog-2019 at cl.cam.ac.uk

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