[Haskell-cafe] Haskell Platform / GHC 8.6.5

Philipp Hausmann philipp.hausmann at 314.ch
Tue May 7 08:42:15 UTC 2019

Hi All

I noticed that the Windows Download Link on 
https://www.haskell.org/platform/windows.html points to the 8.6.3 
version. When can we expect an updated Haskell Platform release to be 

To give some background, we had some trouble where students got Access 
Violation crashes on Windows machines using GHC 8.6.3 which is fixed on 
GHC 8.6.5. In the end we updated to GHC 8.6.5 using the Binary GHC 
release, but this is quite ugly as it requires fiddling with the PATH...


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