[Haskell-cafe] Call for Participation: Compose Conference [NYC, Jun 22- 23 2019]

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Call for Participation

Compose Conference 2019

Mon June 24 - Tue June 25 2019
(Unconference on Sat Jun 22 - Sun Jun 23)
New York, NY



The practice and craft of functional programming :: Conference

Compose is a conference for typed functional programmers, focused
specifically on Haskell, OCaml, F#, SML, and related technologies.

Typed functional programming has been taken up widely, by industry and
hobbyists alike. For many of us it has renewed our belief that code
should be beautiful, and that programming can be as enjoyable as it is
practical. Compose is about bringing together functional programmers
of all levels of skill and experience — from technical leads to
novices, and from long-time hackers to students just getting started.

It will feature a two days of great and wide-ranging talks

* Invited Keynotes

Donya Quick - Making Algorithmic Music
David Spivak - Compositional Graphical Logic

* Accepted Talks and Tutorials

Kenny Foner - Functors of the World, Unite!
Phillip Carter - The anatomy of the F# tools for Visual Studio
Sebastien Mondet - Genspio: Generating Shell Phrases In OCaml
Justin Le - Applicative Regular Expressions using the Free Alternative
Gaetano Checinski - Buckaroo SAT - Solving a partially revealed SAT
problem for Package Management
Richard Feldman - From Rails to Elm and Haskell
Samuel Gélineau - Stuck macros: deterministically interleaving
macro-expansion and typechecking
Vaibhav Sagar - Yes, IHaskell Can Do That!
Fintan Halpenny - Bowl Full of Lentils
Aditya Siram - A Tase Of ATS
Ward Wheeler, Alex Washburn, Callan McGill - Phylogenetic Software in Haskell
Igor Trindade Oliveira - Type Driven Secure Enclave Development using Idris
David Christiansen - Bidirectional Type Checking
Chris Smith - Teaching the intersection of mathematics and functional
Brandon Kase - Fast Accumulation on Streams
James Koppel - The Best Refactoring You’ve Never Heard Of
Allister Beharry - Using Dependent Types in an F# DSL for Linear Algebra
Diego Balseiro - Bridge Haskell and ReasonML in Production

* Full abstracts: http://www.composeconference.org/2019/program

* Conference Registration:
* Unconference Registration:

* Follow @composeconf on twitter for news: https://twitter.com/composeconf

* On freenode irc, chat with fellow attendees at #composeconference

* Corporate sponsorships are welcome. Current sponsors list forthcoming.

* Policies (diversity and anti-harassment):

* Email us with any questions at info at composeconference.org

* Please forward this announcement to interested parties and lists.

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