[Haskell-cafe] [Job] Cloudseal seeks Haskell Software Engineers

Ryan Newton rrnewton at gmail.com
Sat Mar 30 18:24:15 UTC 2019

Dear fellow Haskellers,

We're hiring!  See below.

-Ryan Newton
  Cloudseal co-founder,
  Professor of Computer Science (on leave),
  Functional programmer for 28 years, Haskeller for 10


We are looking for a Haskell software engineer who is passionate about
developer technologies and changing how the world tests and runs software.
Cloudseal is an early-stage startup, a spin-out from academic research on
reliable (deterministic) software execution.  Our core technology is a new
containerization mechanism for Linux/x86 programs that enables reproducible
builds and functional tests that never flake. You will be joining a growing
team with decades of collective experience contributing to developer tools,
including the GHC compiler and ecosystem, as well as developer products at
Intel and Microsoft.

*Skills sought*

We are seeking curious and independent people ready to become involved with
every part of product development.  We are a Haskell+Rust shop,
corresponding to the high- and low-level components of our stack,
respectively, with this position focused on the former. Familiarity with
low-level Linux systems software is not required but would be a positive.

Experience with building services (authentication, billing) is a plus for
this role. You should be comfortable with modern infrastructure essentials
like AWS, Docker, CI, etc. and have passable sysadmin skills. Ability to
work independently as part of a distributed development team is essential.

This full-time position carries an option for remote work (within the
U.S.), but geographic proximity to Philadelphia, Indianapolis, or
Bloomington, IN would be preferred.  During a ramp-up phase we will work on
site together at a higher rate (25-50% travel), after which in-person team
meetups will be less frequent.


   - Competitive salary & fringe benefits
   - Significant early-stage stock options
   - Flexible working hours and vacation time


Email your resume to jobs at cloudseal.io.  In your message, please share
links to your previous work, such as running websites or open source
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