[Haskell-cafe] art exhibition in London, April 2019

Claude Heiland-Allen claude at mathr.co.uk
Thu Mar 28 17:01:59 UTC 2019

Hi all,

I have an art exhibition opening soon in London, UK.


- raytracing in curved space
- badly-played tetris
- generative techno
- audiovisual sliding tile puzzle
- interactive graph-directed IFS
- zooming hybrid fractals

Opening 11th April 2019 6pm, until 27th April, at Chalton Gallery,
96 Chalton Street, Camden, London NW1 1HJ, UK.  Check website for times.

Two of the works are realized with Haskell:
- "Wedged" implements aesthetic constraints to search tetris packings
- "Hybrids" uses a formula compiler to generate C code for rendering 

Curated by Laura Netz.

Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts 
Council England.


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