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Mon Mar 18 22:58:36 UTC 2019

Hello Damien!

Here are a couple of points:

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> From: Damien Mattei <damien.mattei at univ-cotedazur.fr>
> Subject: linux version compatible with GHC 4.3 ?

Did you mean 8.4.3? All major modern Linux distributions are compatible
with this version. But you might run into installation issues, just like
with *any other piece of software*.

> does anyone know a linux distrib where haskell platform installs out of
> the box?
> ...

I see you were able to install GHC on CentOS 7.2, but not on Fedora Core
28. It happens. I can't really tell what might have gone wrong with your
installation on Fedora without additional details, such as: what did you
actually do for the installation. But it definitely should be possible to
install GHC on Fedora.

> does it works on Ubuntu?

Yes, I'm using Ubuntu with several different versions of GHC including
8.4.3. I use HVR's ppa for installation:

Best wishes,
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