[Haskell-cafe] initialization of AlexUserState

Kees Bleijenberg K.Bleijenberg at lijbrandt.nl
Fri Mar 15 11:16:14 UTC 2019

Hi All,


I have a Alex lexer with wrapper "monadUserState-bytestring". The
AlexUserState = AlexUserState {sheetNames:: {String], currSheet:: Int}.  The
lexer should check whether a found sheetname is in sheetNames. The
sheetNames from AlexUserState come from outside. I want to invoke the lexer
many times with different AlexUserStates.  Therefore the alexInitUserState
function is not what I want. I'de like to initialize the AlexUserState while
starting the lexer, i.e. as a parameter to runAlex. Can that be done?



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