[Haskell-cafe] Apply Haskell at scale in a music start-up

Jeroen Bransen jeroen at chordify.net
Tue Mar 12 08:40:44 UTC 2019

>> If you are interested in working at Chordify, please have a look at:
>> https://jobs.chordify.net/
> The advert in the link seems to indicate the job is based in the
> Netherlands. Does Chordify accept remote work as well?

Chordify is based in the Netherlands, and not everyone who would like to 
work at Chordify can or is willing to relocate to this nice, but 
relatively rainy part of the world. Therefore, you are not the first 
person to ask whether working remotely is an option.

We have do not have principal reasons to reject remote working, but 
having two offices in the Netherlands, and using all digital means 
available to streamline our communication, our experience is that 
nothing beats face-to-face contact. Also, we really try to make our 
office a pleasant and fun place, and we believe it adds value to be part 
of our office culture.

Therefore, we prefer working in our office over working remotely. That 
said, working part-time or working from home is something that we do on 
a regular basis.

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