[Haskell-cafe] Apply Haskell at scale in a music start-up

Jeroen Bransen jeroen at chordify.net
Mon Mar 11 14:08:29 UTC 2019


Dear Haskellers,

Chordify is hiring! Chordify is a young and fast growing music 
e-learning platform that helps musicians to play their favorite music. 
We automatically analyse the chords of a piece of music and display them 
in an intuitive player. Try it yourself at: https://chordify.net/or 
download one of our apps https://chordify.net/app

The cool thing is: our backend serving our apps and website has been 
written mostly in Haskell. With over 8 million users per month we apply 
functional programming at scale.

We hope to broaden our team with a functional programmer. We are looking 
for people who are pro-active, independent, and creative to improve 
Chordify. You’d have the opportunity to be productive with advanced 
type-system features and powerful GHC extensions. Our back-end is 
powered by libraries like Servant, Persistent and Esqueleto and we 
distribute computation using Cloud Haskell.

If you are interested in working at Chordify, please have a look at: 

All the best,

Jeroen Bransen

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