[Haskell-cafe] [OT] thoughts about OO vs. functional "philosophy"

Jack Kelly jack at jackkelly.name
Sun Mar 10 21:20:04 UTC 2019

Dennis Raddle <dennis.raddle at gmail.com> writes:

> I have a thought about OO vs. functional programming -snip-
> """
> Say we're a class. Then the simplifying assumptions of OO allow *us* to
> trust the *rest of the program* won't mess with us.
> Say we're a function. Then the simplifying assumptions of functional style
> help the *rest of the program* trust that *we* won't mess with it.
> """

Interesting. Perhaps this is why it feels like OO scales for a little
bit, but seems to hit diminishing returns? You get _some_ encapsulation,
but "the rest of the program" grows faster than "us/we", and pure FP
gives us guarantees about "the rest of the program", which is a larger

-- Jack

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