[Haskell-cafe] ANN brittany-

Evan Borden evan at evan-borden.com
Wed Jun 19 16:28:49 UTC 2019


I am happy to announce the release of brittany version This version
includes a number of fantastic improvements from many excellent contributors.
Additionally brittany will soon be added back to stackage. In the meantime it
can be built with the stack.yaml in its source or with cabal v2-build.



* Benjamin Kovach @5outh
* Doug Beardsley @mightybyte
* Evan Borden @eborden
* Lennart Spitzner @lspitzner
* Matt Noonan @moatt-noonan
* Phil Hazelden @ChickenProp
* Rupert Horlick @ruhatch
* Sergey Vinokurov @sergv

New Collaborators

You may be wondering why I am sending this message instead of Lennart. Taylor
Fausak and I are taking on some of the maintenance for brittany. We will
hopefully lift some of the burden from Lennart so he can remain the guiding
light and driving force behind the project.


This release includes many bug fixes, additional support for a number of
syntactic constructs and a few layouting modifications. For full details check
the change log on github:


Again thank you to brittany's fantastic contributors for helping making this
release happen.



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