[Haskell-cafe] ANN: stack-2.1.3

Emanuel Borsboom manny at fpcomplete.com
Sun Jul 14 16:56:33 UTC 2019

See https://haskellstack.org/ for installation and upgrade instructions.

**Changes since v2.1.1**

Behavior changes:

* Disable WAL mode for SQLite3 databases, to improve compatibility with
  some platforms and filesystems.  See

* By default, do not perform expiry checks in Hackage Security. See

Other enhancements:

* Do not rerun expected test failures. This is mostly a change that
  will only affect the Stackage Curator use case, but there is now an
  additional message letting the user know when a previously-failed
  test case is being rerun.

* Move configure information for local packages back to .stack-work to
  improve caching. See

Bug fixes:

* Fix to allow dependencies on specific versions of local git repositories. See

* Allow Stack commands to be run in Nix mode without having a project file
  available. See

* Removes dependency on gnu-tar for OSX and Linux environment. The
  `--force-local` option was required only for windows environment.

* Properly wait for the `tar` subprocess to complete before returning, thereby
  avoiding a SIGTERM screwing up GHC installation. See

* Use package complete locations from lock files when resolving dependencies
  in `extra-deps`. See

* Set the `HASKELL_DIST_DIR` environment to a proper package dist
  directory so `doctest` is able to load modules autogenerated by Cabal.

* Expose package library when running tests.

* Fix support for non-ASCII module names. See

Other changes:

* Rename `pantry-tmp` package back to `pantry`, now that we have gained
  maintainership (which had been used by someone else for a candidate-only test
  that made it look like the name was free but prevented uploading a real

**Thanks to all our contributors for this release:**

* Alan Malloy
* Alexander
* Emanuel Borsboom
* Kirill Zaborsky
* Matt Audesse
* Michael Snoyman
* Mihai Maruseac
* Sibi Prabakaran

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