[Haskell-cafe] Montreal Haskell

John Z. johnz at pleasantnightmare.com
Sun Jan 27 17:41:55 UTC 2019

> Hi everyone! New member here! Anyone know of Haskell jobs in Montreal for
> new grads? Thanks!

    I'm in MTL myself, and I'm working with Haskell for past 6 years;
the best I've found among general jobs in functional programming is
Scala (and perhaps Kotlin) - but those are all OOP jobs where people
adopt languages with fp features purely for 'cleaner syntax'. If you're
looking for strict division between runtime and compile time knowledge,
type safety - you're out of luck.  The best I've found is a practice
obsessed with unit testing.

    Morgan-Stanley do their own internal version of Haskell, and they're
strongly oriented towards performance and correctness, and the people
that interviewed me seemed quite experienced and smart - I had really
awesome interview experience with Morgan-Stanley, even in comparison to
    I've failed both interviews, tho :-D

    In any case, there are job postings here sometimes, and often
companies are willing to consider remote work, given that haskell jobs
and haskell professionals are scarcely distributed all around the world.

    That lambda meeting mentioned, I was looking into that myself, but
afaik - it hasn't happened in a long, long time.


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