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Sat Jan 19 15:34:44 UTC 2019

Announcing the release of network

Version of network is less platform dependent, easier to build,
easier to use correctly (yay no more String api), more extensible, and all
around safer. Kazu Yamamoto and Tamar Christina deserve a special shout
out, they put an exceptional amount of thought and work into this version
and it really shows. Thanks to network's contributors for kicking the tires
and continuing to keep quality high.


* Breaking change: the Network and Network.BSD are removed.
  Network.BSD is provided a new package: network-bsd.
* Breaking change: the signatures are changed:
old fdSocket :: Socket -> CInt
new fdSocket :: Socket -> IO CInt

old mkSocket :: CInt -> Family -> SocketType -> ProtocolNumber ->
SocketStatus -> IO Socket
new mkSocket :: CInt Socket
* Breaking change: the deprecated APIs are removed: send, sendTo, recv,
recvFrom, recvLen, htonl, ntohl, inet_addr, int_ntoa, bindSocket, sClose,
SocketStatus, isConnected, isBound, isListening, isReadable, isWritable,
sIsConnected, sIsBound, sIsListening, sIsReadable, sIsWritable, aNY_PORT,
* Breaking chage: SockAddrCan is removed from SockAddr.
* Socket addresses are extendable with Network.Socket.Address.
* "socket" is now asynchronous-exception-safe.
* "recvFrom" returns (0, addr) instead of throwing an error on EOF.
* All APIs are available on any platforms.
* Build system is simplified.
* Bug fixes.

Evan Borden
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