[Haskell-cafe] [Job] Soostone is hiring Haskell developers (NYC or remote)

Ozgun Ataman ozataman at gmail.com
Wed Jan 16 16:28:14 UTC 2019

Dear Haskell Cafe,

Soostone (http://www.soostone.com) is looking to hire for engineering
positions in our Haskell development and operations team.

At Soostone, you will be crafting and deploying products with various AI
and optimization elements dealing with large quantities of data at their
core to transform the way our clients tackle opportunities in consumer
intelligence, marketing and pricing. We aim to develop high quality,
reliable software while moving fast, being pragmatic and constantly
improving our capabilities. Haskell usually makes this a little easier and
we're big fans.

We are located in New York City, but these are remote-friendly positions
with little to no travel requirements. We will prefer candidates in North
America, but will also consider qualified applications from elsewhere as
long as the legal realities can be aligned. We are flexible in the work
arrangement; depending on your jurisdiction and circumstances, these will
either be direct hire or full-time contractor positions.

Day-to-day, you will be interacting with technologies/components/libraries
such as:


   A relatively large Haskell codebase (500+ modules) spanning multiple
   applications and several reusable in-house libraries/packages

   200+ libraries from the Haskell ecosystem

   Databases: PostgreSQL, Redis, DynamoDB

   Analytics: Google BigQuery, tailor-made SQL EDSL/automation

   A large suite of AWS and Google cloud solutions

   APIs responding to millions of requests per day

   Datasets spanning billions of rows

…and typical activities will include:


   Collaborative architecting and software design around new features

   End-to-end implementation of entire components, from first line of code
   to the test suite

   Interfacing with other languages, API services, foreign
   interfaces/functions as needed

   Opportunities to work on all aspects of our platform, including both
   backend and frontend

   Design/implementation of DSLs/EDSLs that supercharge tedious elements in
   the ecosystem

   Abstract functionality into libraries and other reusable tools that ease
   the pain for other developers

   Be on the lookout for opportunities to contribute back to the community
   through OSS work

   Occasional trips to the land of Python, Typescript/JavaScript and
   Purescript for mission-specific needs

Candidates of all skill/experience levels are invited to apply and will
receive consideration, although these positions are likely not ideal for
Haskell beginners or entry level developers without any experience.

If you're interested, we encourage you to submit an application even if
we've previously had conversations. If you have OSS contributions or a
listing/linking of previous projects, please let us know as that's
tremendously helpful to us in getting to know you.

Please see the link below for more detail on the position and to submit an
application. You can also reach out to us at jobs at soostone.com for any
questions or ask here and we'll do our best to answer.

Job Link: https://soostone-inc.workable.com/jobs/678589

The Soostone Team
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