[Haskell-cafe] ANN: New Haskell.org Committee Member

George Wilson george at wils.online
Tue Jan 15 06:54:28 UTC 2019

Following the nomination period and discussion, the Haskell.org
committee has selected the following member for a new three-year term,
expiring 2021:

  * Emily Pillmore

As per the rules of the committee, this discussion was held among the
current members of the committee, and the outgoing member of the
committee who was not seeking reappointment.

Thank you to all the many candidates who submitted a self-nomination.
We received a number of strong nominations. We would encourage all
those who nominated themselves to consider self-nominating again in
the future.

The outgoing member is Gershom Bazerman. He served not one but two
terms for the Haskell.org committee, and he was chair during his last
term. During this long period, Gershom has undeniably made the
community a better place with his leadership and efforts. Thank you
for your service!

Since Gershom was our chair, the committee, including the new member,
will hold a discussion and elect a new chair from amongst ourselves.

George Wilson

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