[Haskell-cafe] qtHaskell

David Harley dth.tss at gmail.com
Thu Feb 28 08:21:21 UTC 2019

I've made a new version of qtHaskell - version available at the 
following site:


It comprises bindings to about 50 Qt modules and includes a version of 
Asteroids which uses functional reactive programming and some code 
running in a non-IO based monad, plus a Qt based version of Threadscope 

The installation of a code set of this sort can be tricky, it builds 
using a combination of cabal, qmake and make controled from perl. I wish 
it were simpler, but in most cases:

./build lite -jx

will build all modules required for the demos and examples.

It has currently only been tested on Linux hence, the build script which 
used to work on Windows will probably not work without some 
modification. I'll get around to that if there's any interest.

It has also only been tested against regular builds of Qt 5.11/5.12 
build from the qt-everywhere-src-5.11/12.x codesets.

Good luck with any building and testing of qtHaskell-, and I'd 
be delighted to get any feedback

David Harley

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