[Haskell-cafe] ANN: hledger-1.13

Simon Michael simon at joyful.com
Sat Feb 2 02:10:59 UTC 2019

I'm pleased to announce the release of hledger 1.13,
the first hledger release of 2019!
Thank you release contributors Jakob Schöttl and Dmitry Astapov.

hledger is a robust, cross-platform plain text accounting tool, for
tracking money, time, stocks, cryptocurrencies or any other commodity,
using double-entry accounting, private or shared plain text files,
revision control, and command-line, curses or web UIs.
Find out more at http://hledger.org and http://plaintextaccounting.org.

Release notes (condensed, see http://hledger.org/release-notes):

project-wide changes for 1.13

-   packaging: A docker image providing the main hledger tools is now
    linked on the download page. This is another way to get up-to-date
    hledger tools without building them yourself (and, a way to run
    hledger-ui on windows ?) (Dmitry Astapov, Simon Michael)

-   doc: fixed pandoc typography conversion in web manuals. Eg -- was
    being rendered as en-dash. (#954).

hledger 1.13

-   cli: reorganised commands list. Addons now have a + prefix.

-   cli: the command line help and manual section for all hledger’s
    commands are now consistent, and generated from the same source.

-   cli: comprehensive bash completion support is now provided (in
    shell-completion/). See how-to in the Cookbook. (Jakob Schöttl)

-   balance –budget: budget amounts now aggregate hierarchically, like
    account balances. Unbudgeted accounts can be shown with -E/–empty
    (along with zero-balance accounts), and the –show-budgeted flag has
    been dropped. (Dmitry Astapov)

-   balance: new –transpose flag switches the rows and columns of
    tabular balance reports (in txt and csv output formats). (Dmitry

-   close: generated balance assertions now have exact amounts with all
    decimal digits, ignoring display precision. Also, balance assertion
    amounts will no longer contain prices. (#941, #824, #958)

-   files: now shows up in the commands list

-   import: be silent when there’s nothing to import

-   roi: percentages smaller than 0.01% are displayed as zero (Dmitry

-   stats, ui: correct file order is preserved when using –auto (#949)

-   journal: account directive: the account name can now be followed by
    a comment on the same line

-   journal: account directive: account types for the bs/bse/cf/is
    commands can now be set with a type: tag, whose value is Asset,
    Liability, Equity, Revenue, Expense, A, L, E, R or X
    (case-insensitive). The previous syntax (account assets A) is now

-   journal: account directive: account sort codes like account 1000
    (introduced in 1.9, deprecated in 1.11) are no longer supported.

-   journal: transaction modifiers (auto postings) can affect periodic
    transactions (–auto can add postings to transactions generated with
    –forecast). (Dmitry Astapov)

-   journal: balance assertion errors now show exact amounts with all
    decimal digits. Previously it was possible, in case of a commodity
    directive limiting the display precision, to have a balance
    assertion error with asserted and actual amounts looking the same.

-   journal: fixed a periodic transaction parsing failure (#942) (Dmitry

hledger-ui 1.13

-   on posix systems, control-z suspends the program

-   control-l now works everywhere and redraws more reliably

-   the top status info is clearer

Getting started:

All install methods are described at http://hledger.org/download :
windows binaries, system packages, docker, nix, cabal, stack, hledger
installer, etc. Some of these might take a few days to become up to
date. On systems with bash installed, the hledger installer is a
reliable way to get the latest release of hledger:

$ curl -s https://raw.githubusercontent.com/simonmichael/hledger/master/hledger-install/hledger-install.sh > hledger-install.sh
$ less hledger-install.sh  # satisfy yourself that the script is safe
$ bash hledger-install.sh

Then try:

$ hledger               # list available commands
$ hledger help          # list built-in manuals

Tutorials and all other docs: http://hledger.org

Chat: #hledger on Freenode or Matrix - 
http://irc.hledger.org or http://riot.hledger.org .

New and old users, contributors, all feedback, always welcome!


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