[Haskell-cafe] Supporting Haskell.org

Tikhon Jelvis tikhon at jelv.is
Wed Dec 25 00:21:00 UTC 2019

A significant part of the Haskell community infrastructure—including the
haskell.org website, Hackage, Hoogle and the build infrastructure for
GHC—runs on donations from the Haskell community administered
by Haskell.org.

Haskell.org also organizes Haskell's participation in the Google Summer of
Code program. We had 18 projects this year, 15 of which were completed
successfully, a solid completion ratio.

If you would like to support Haskell.org, you can donate via several
methods including PayPal and check:


Haskell.org can also accept donations through employers via Benevity using
the unique ID 475236502.

Haskell.org is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, so donations may be tax-deductible
in your jurisdiction.

We look forward to continuing this work with your support in 2020 as well
as exploring new projects to improve the Haskell community infrastructure.

Best wishes, Tikhon Jelvis on behalf of the haskell.org committee.
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