[Haskell-cafe] stack install ghcide fails

Viktor Dukhovni ietf-dane at dukhovni.org
Tue Dec 10 16:37:47 UTC 2019

> On Dec 10, 2019, at 11:03 AM, Dušan Kolář <kolar at fit.vut.cz> wrote:
> --  While building package ghcide-0.0.4 using:
>       /home/kolar/.stack/setup-exe-cache/x86_64-linux-tinfo6/Cabal-simple_mPHDZzAJ_2.4.0.1_ghc-8.6.3 --builddir=.stack-work/dist/x86_64-linux-tinfo6/Cabal- build --ghc-options " -fdiagnostics-color=always"
>     Process exited with code: ExitFailure 1
> Does that mean the ghcide is broken? Or am I doing something wrong?

Taking a quick look at recent ghcide commits, I see:


which shows changes to a stack.yaml file using "resolver: nightly-2019-12-06".
The removed extra-deps are:

  - haskell-lsp-
  - lsp-test-
  - hslogger-
  - network-bsd-

and the presumably expectation is that these will show up in a stack release soon.
But in the mean time you've selected:

  - haskell-lsp-
  - haskell-lsp-types-
  - hie-bios-0.2.1
  - rope-utf16-splay-

which are older, and may not work with GHC 8.8.1 (MFP changes) used by recent
stack nightly builds.  You could try changing the stack.yaml file to use an
even more recent nightly, but ultimately, may need to figure out the right
versions of the extra dependencies.


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