[Haskell-cafe] [ANN] Haskell.Org Discourse Instance

Mario Lang mlang at delysid.org
Mon Apr 8 08:50:49 UTC 2019

Bryan Richter <b at chreekat.net> writes:

> As someone initially more comfortable with Mailman mailing lists, I
> empathize with people who have strong email workflows. Moving to Discourse
> isn't painless. (There is a "mailing list mode", which helps some, but not
> entirely.) A web UI has some downsides compared to text, for those so
> inclined.

In particular, web UIs are everything else but accessibility friendly.
Every project that moves away from mailing lists and IRC effectively
maks it pretty hard for people which rely on accessibility to

I am not expecting this to hold anyone back from moving into the shining
new era of client-less communication.  Just wanted to point out that
people like me are going to be left behind.


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