[Haskell-cafe] ANN: hslua-1.0.0

Albert Krewinkel albert+haskell at zeitkraut.de
Mon Sep 24 07:07:17 UTC 2018

HsLua provides bindings, wrappers, types, and helper functions to bridge
Haskell and the embeddable scripting language Lua. The package ships
with a Lua interpreter. HsLua allows to make Haskell programs extensible
and scriptable via a widely used language.

I am pleased to announce the release of hslua-1.0.0. Changes have been
made to most parts of the library: Error handling became simpler, as
conversion between Haskell exceptions and Lua errors is now automatic;
other improvements concern type-safety, stability, and ease of use.
Please see the changelog for the complete list of changes:

New versions of the extension packages hslua-aeson (marshalling via
aeson) and hslua-module-text (a UTF-8 aware string module) have been
released as well.

For additional information and usage notes:

- Albert

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