[Haskell-cafe] Well typed OS

Vanessa McHale vanessa.mchale at iohk.io
Sat Oct 6 02:09:15 UTC 2018

Another thing that would be different in the OS case would likely be
that one could not have programs/processes of type

a -> a

...which would make any types stored in an ABI a good deal less flexible
than those in Haskell.

On 10/05/2018 02:46 PM, MarLinn wrote:
>> You'd probably want an ABI for types, no? You'd need a new executable
>> format (among many other things!).
>> The question is: would it be worth it? Types are wonderful in Haskell
>> because they allow us to structure our programs. What would structuring
>> processes via types accomplish? It would improve the situation with
>> shell scripting/pipes as you allude, but that's still an immense amount
>> of effort.
> Now that I think about it… having something like an ABI or a "Haskell
> binary format" with types in it might indeed be useful in more cases
> than this one.
> It seems when a Haskell projects gets a bit larger people tend to
> search for ways to make it more modular. They try plugin frameworks,
> OS-level dynamic linking, on-the-fly compilation etc. But I repeatedly
> get the feeling that all these current approaches aren't actually very
> good. But what if we had some kind of specialized format for compiled,
> dynamically loadable, typed Haskell libraries? Something between a
> plain OS library and bytecode. This might help make programs more
> modular while keeping them type safe.
> One thing that might be useful to add next would be some kind of
> centralized registry of types, so that a plugin/library could extend
> the ways the system could be extended.
> And going along this line of thought even further leads to… uhm…
> oh.    OH.
> Ok, so, it's the month of Halloween, right?
> Because… OSGi, but in Haskell.
> Well, maybe there's some sane point in between?
> Cheers,
> MarLinn
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