[Haskell-cafe] ANN: hledger-1.11 released

Simon Michael simon at joyful.com
Mon Oct 1 06:46:45 UTC 2018

Short announcement this quarter. Pleased to announce the release of hledger 1.11 on schedule! 

Thanks to release contributors Joseph Weston, Dmitry Astapov, Gaith Hallak, Jakub Zárybnický, Luca Molteni, and SpicyCat.

stack users will need to get a copy of hledger source and do stack install from there, due to the recent GHC 8.6 release. cabal install hledger-1.11 should work normally. 

From http://hledger.org/release-notes.html#hledger-1.11 <http://hledger.org/release-notes.html#hledger-1.11> :
hledger 1.11

The default display order of accounts is now influenced by the order of account directives. Accounts declared by account directives are displayed first (top-most), in declaration order, followed by undeclared accounts in alphabetical order. Numeric account codes are no longer used, and are ignored and considered deprecated.

So if your accounts are displaying in a weird order after upgrading, and you want them alphabetical like before, just sort your account directives alphabetically.

Account sorting (by name, by declaration, by amount) is now more robust and supported consistently by all commands (accounts, balance, bs..) in all modes (tree & flat, tabular & non-tabular).

close: new –opening/–closing flags to print only the opening or closing transaction

files: a new command to list included files

prices: query arguments are now supported. Prices can be filtered by date, and postings providing transaction prices can also be filtered.

rewrite: help clarifies relation to print –auto (#745)

roi: a new command to compute return on investment, based on hledger-irr

test: has more verbose output, more informative failure messages, and no longer tries to read the journal

csv: We use a more robust CSV lib (cassava) and now support non-comma separators, eg –separator ‘;’ (experimental, this flag will probably become a CSV rule) (#829)

csv: interpolated field names in values are now properly case insensitive, so this works:

fields …,Transaction_Date,… date %Transaction_Date

journal: D (default commodity) directives no longer break multiplier amounts in transaction modifiers (AKA automated postings) (#860)

journal: “Automated Postings” have been renamed to “Transaction Modifiers”.

journal: transaction comments in transaction modifier rules are now parsed correctly. (#745)

journal: when include files form a cycle, we give an error instead of hanging.

upper-case day/month names in period expressions no longer give an error (#847, #852)

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