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Ramin Honary ramin.honary at cross-compass.com
Tue Nov 27 07:45:37 UTC 2018

[Cross Compass](https://www.xcompass.com/en/) is a data science and
machine learning consultancy
located in Tokyo, Japan.  Most of the work is focused on solving
problems for clients by making creative use of their data.

We currently have a small team of Haskellers working on a deep
learning framework implemented in Haskell.  We plan to use this
framework multiple ways. For example, we have created a web platform
for the manufacturing industry to make it easy to generate anomaly
detection models for use in a factory.

We are hiring Haskell programmers to help create this framework.  We
are mainly looking for people skilled in either web programming or
machine learning.

### The ideal candidate would be similar to the following:

- Passionate about functional programming, type-driven development,
  and modern artificial intelligence, especially deep learning.
- Have experience with machine learning/deep learning, either
  professionally or academically.  Be experienced with popular
  frameworks like Tensorflow, PyTorch, etc.
- Have extensive Haskell experience.  Be completely comfortable using
  (or learning) libraries like `lens`, `servant`, `singletons`, etc.
  Author of popular Haskell libraries.  Worked on multiple large
- Have experience developing web apps using any of JavaScript,
  TypeScript, PureScript, Elm, GHCJS, and have created web apps using
  frameworks like Vue, Angular, React, Halogen, Reflex, or Miso.
Ideally with a backend REST API
  implemented in Haskell.
- Able to work full-time (40 hours a week) or **part-time** (20+ hours a
- Willing to do freelance with us for a few weeks to make sure we are
  a good match for each other before becoming an permanent employee.
- Able to work either on-site or **remote**
  - In the case of remote, you live in near Japan's timezone (UTC+9)
    and can fly to the office in Tokyo multiple times per year.
    (This requirement could be waived for strong candidates.)
- Experience as a team-lead, chopping up and assigning tasks to less
  experienced Haskellers, reviewing PRs, etc.

## Flexible with job requirements

We realize there are probably very few people that actually meet all
these points. We are flexible, so please feel
free to get in touch even if you don't think you meet our ideal

It is possible for us to hire remotely, although we prefer people that are
near Japan's timezone (UTC+9) and can fly to the office in Tokyo
multiple times per year.  We can also sponsor visas for people that
want to move to Japan.

As stated above, we are also open to applicants who want to do
non-full-time work (20+ hours per week).

Here are two examples of people we would love to talk to even
though they don't meet all of the points above:

### Example 1:

- Going to graduate school in Tokyo for machine learning.  Very
  familiar with deep learning.
- Beginning Haskeller.  Have read through all of Haskell
  Programming From First Principles (and perhaps
  [Thinking with Types](https://leanpub.com/thinking-with-types)?),
  but has no experience working with large applications.
- Able to come in to the office 20 to 25 hours a week.

### Example 2:

- Living in Australia
- Intimately familiar with Haskell, author of multiple popular
- Very competent with web programming.
- No experience with machine learning.
- Multiple years of experience working remotely.
- Able to work full-time.

## Some of the benefits of working at Cross Compass:

- Work with passionate Haskellers.  You may have seen us
  either here on [/r/haskell](https://www.reddit.com/r/haskell), or at
  - [Hideaki Kawai](https://github.com/kayhide)
  - [Viktor Kronvall](https://github.com/considerate)
  - [Ramin Honary](https://github.com/RaminHAL9001)
  - [Dennis Gosnell](https://functor.tokyo/)
  - We also work with [Tweag I/O](https://www.tweag.io). Their
Haskellers are really top class.
- Attend conferences like ICFP, Lambda Jam, etc.  We each try to attend a
  couple conferences a year.
- Training.  We are planning to have the entire team take the
  [Guide to Haskell Performance and
  course from Well-Typed at some point.

The lower end of the pay scale is 8 Million Yen (800万円) per year for
full-time.  I'm not sure what the higher end is.

If this sounds interesting, please feel free to email us
atrecruit-haskell at cross-compass.com, possibly with your resume and why
you think we'd be good for each other.  If you want to know more, we
would love to take you out to lunch if you're located in Tokyo, or
chat with you on Skype if not.
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