[Haskell-cafe] Archival of community.haskell.org

Mario Rogic hello at mario.net.au
Sat May 19 22:34:23 UTC 2018

Hi all

The final steps in deprecating the legacy community.haskell.org server are
almost complete. We will be shutting down SSH access and disabling the HTTP
daemon this week.

If by some chance there are folks who still need access to data, or require
redirects, please contact me.


- Mario

On 5 September 2017 at 16:01, Mario Rogic <hello at mario.net.au> wrote:

> Hi all
> In continuation of the work towards shutting down the legacy
> community.haskell.org server, I have the following updates to share:
>    - The projects.haskell.org, and code.haskell.org sites have now been
>    archived to https://archives.haskell.org/, and redirects have been put
>    in place
>    - http://trac.haskell.org/ has been disabled, but will not be archived
>    due to its long term broken state
>    - We discovered that code/projects domains were still being used for
>    ~user dirs
>    <https://www.reddit.com/r/haskell/comments/6y2qbw/what_happened_to/>,
>    redirect exceptions have now been put in place for those
> Next on the list is the personal directories. Thanks to those who have
> already reached out.
> If you still use a personal account on community.haskell.org or have data
> there you would like to retain, *you are encouraged to migrate or backup
> ASAP*.
> I can assist with putting in place redirects for a time, please email me
> if desired.
> Thanks
> - Mario
> On 4 March 2017 at 12:23, Mario Rogic <hello at mario.net.au> wrote:
>> Hi all
>> As announced back in 2015
>> <http://blog.haskell.org/post/7/the_future_of_community.haskell.org/> we
>> have started archiving community.haskell.org services.
>> We've created https://archives.haskell.org/, and the old projects
>> mailing lists have been the first to be archived.
>> Next on the list is the remainder of projects.haskell.org, and the
>> code.haskell.org site.
>> As always, you can email admin at h.o or hop on the #haskell-infrastructure
>> freenode channel to provide feedback / concerns.
>> Thanks
>> - Mario
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